Research in Newcastle Critical Care

Clinical Research is part of the day-to-day work on Critical Care in the Trust. Over the last five years, more than seven thousand patients and staff have taken part in critical care research studies, making Newcastle the highest recruiting Trust for such studies in the UK. Through the support of patients, their family members and clinical staff we have contributed to 47 different research studies. Some of these have made a major impact on patient care and all are good quality research, approved by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).


The Critical Care Research Team work on wards 18 and 38 at the RVI and ward 37 at the Freeman Hospital, approaching eligible patients or their family members about research, collecting data and study samples and following up patients on the wards. There is also much work that goes on away from the wards, making sure the studies are well run and managed properly. If you have any questions about research please talk to a member of the team.


Clinical Leads for research are:


Ward 18 – Jonathan Shelton

Ward 38 – Ian Clement

Ward 37 – Stephen Wright


Research Nurses – Leigh Dunn, Carole Hayes, Verity Calder, Maite Babio-Galan

Data Manager – Abigail Harrison



newcastle critical care research team

For more information on the trials that we are currently involved in, click the relevant link below:-







Adapt sepsis