Critical Care Pharmacists

We are very lucky in Newcastle to have a team of expert pharmacists with additional critical care training to support and guide the rest of the team in all four units.

Areas where our pharmacists are particularly involved include:

  • Liaising with primary care about patient's usual medications

  • Advising medical staff about drug interactions

  • Investigating and trying to prevent medication prescription and administration error

  • Procuring medicines at competitive rates

  • Development and evaluation of guidelines for staff

  • Working with medical staff to ensure patient access to the most effective, evidence-based medicines

Many of our pharmacists have undergone extra training and are able to prescribe medicines. All our pharmacists are friendly and approachable. They would be happy to answer any question you may have about medicines for you or your loved one while on an adult critical care unit in Newcastle Hospitals.

Nicola Corkhill

Senior Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Amina Nadeem

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Katie Bell

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Gillian Mulherron

Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Lyndsey Young

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Holly MacKenzie

Senior Clinical Pharmacist