Medical Students

Medical student placements within critical care vary.

Some have a 2 week attachment as part of their later years training

Some have a 6 week attachment, alongside anaesthesia

Some students have selected critical care as an area of interest (Self selected component SSC). these students may be in critical care for longer periods of time (6-8 weeks)

We also take elective medical students from around the world to study both critical care, and point of care ultrasound and echocardiography (alongside our colleagues in Emergency Medicine).

Each individual student will be assigned a consultant supervisor for their time within critical care.

Timetables, study periods, weekly topics, and projects need to be acknowledged and worked to.

  • Needs links to medical school curriculum for critical care

  • Key learning points for 2, 4, 6 week placements and 'taster days'

  • Ward round and daily structure

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