Charitable Donations

All four critical care departments have charitable funds that can accept donations. RVI critical care has seen great improvements paid for by charitable donations and we continue to be extremely grateful for all donations received. 

Funds received through charity are used directly to improve the care and experience of patients, relatives, and staff in critical care environments. Examples of recent purchases include communication aids for patients, furniture for relative waiting areas and specifically designed clocks for patients who are at risk of becoming disoriented.

Funds are applied for and used on a regular basis to improve the quality of care that we can give, or ease the experience for relatives and friends. 

Larger purchases are approved by Trustees who do not work for critical care. This ensures that funds are spent appropriately and improvements are made where they matter. 

Our charity is able to improve the lives of hundreds of patients and family members per year, and we hope that you can donate, if you feel you would like to. 

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust also has a (separate) charity account. Donations to this fund will be spent on the overall improvement of care and experience within both hospitals in Newcastle. 

In addition to our departmental and hospital charities we are grateful for the support and interaction we regularly have from Northumbria Blood Bikes and the Great North Air Ambulance. Both are registered charities and continually searching for well needed contributions to continue these vital services within in our region. 

Ways to Donate

To donate to the ward 37 FRH ICCU DREAME Fund, click here

Alternatively, text ICCU77 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

To donate to the RVI Critical Care Fund, e-mail or

To donate to the Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Charitable Fund, click here

For information on other Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Charities, click here

To contact the charitable funds office, phone 0191 213 7235 or e-mail

To donate to the Great North Air Ambulance charity, click here

To donate to Northumbria Blood bikes charity, click here