Blood and Stem Cell donation

Blood donation

Many of our patients will require blood products (red cells, platelets, plasma) around the time of admission (bleeding, surgery) or during their stay (anaemia). 

Some will require extensive transfusions and large numbers of blood products.

We source blood products from NHS Blood and Transplant. Keeping some on-site, but also requesting specialist stocks when required. Without voluntary blood donation, there would be no stock of blood products for us to use, and national stocks of blood can always be improved by donation from existing and new donors.

Patients in hospital cannot donate blood, as they are too unwell to cope without it. Healthy relatives, friends, colleagues and associates are encouraged to become blood donors wherever possible to help with NHS Blood and Transplant blood supplies. 


It is easy to become a blood donor, and most adults between 17-65 years will be able to donate. Some will be able to donate platelets on a more regular basis. Any donated blood helps, with one donation helping up to 3 separate people. 

One of the UK's 23 permanent blood donation centres exists in Newcastle. Community (temporary) donation sites also exist throughout the region.

For more information regarding blood donation, or to become a potential donor today please click here on the red symbol above. 



Stem Cell donation

Stem cells (originally from bone marrow) can be used in treatment of many diseases. They are usually donated by regular blood donors, who have registered with the British Bone Marrow Registry. Stem cells are donated either by isolating them on a machine from circulating blood, or by taking a sample of bone marrow. For more information or to register your interest in donation, please click here.